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General Dog Obedience Training

A dog that has been trained to beg for treats!

Having good general obedience in a dog is the foundation for ensuring that the dog is happy, content and manageable. Basic general obedience is the cornerstone of everything we do. Before a dog can be taught to retrieve a pheasant on a shoot, alert an owner to a threat, lead a visually impaired person across a road or become a member of the family we need to ensure that the dogs basic obedience is at an appropriate level.


Teaching a dog to sit, wait, return when called, walk nicely on a lead etc. are all basic requirements that we expect from our pets.


We will work with your dog and you to ensure that all the basics are in place. This can be done at your own home or at a mutually agreeable venue/location.

Gun Dog Training

Gun Dog training can be done just for fun and exercise or with the intention of working your dog in the field or entering them into field trials and competitions.


We offer one to one training with you and your dog to teach basic, intermediate and advanced gun dog skills.


Whatever your aims and expectations for your dog we can provide a training package to ensure they are met.

Springer Spaniel retrieving a dummy on water

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Personal Protection Dog Training

A German Shepherd trained to protect the family

The role of a personal protection dog is to provide peace of mind to their owners, a security deterrent to would be intruders whilst in most cases also being a family pet and companion.


The level of training required for a dog to be considered a genuine protection is significant and requires very high levels of general obedience alongside specialist protection training.


We can provide training for existing pets but in most cases suggest that clients allow us to train dogs which we have hand picked so that we can ensure their temperament and suitability for a protection role.


Please contact us to discuss your requirements in detail.

Problem Behaviours

We regularly get asked to help with dogs which are displaying problem behaviours. These can range from relatively minor issues such as chewing to extreme cases of dog aggression.


Some of the problems we can help with are:


Barking                                          Chewing

Poor recall                                     Separation anxiety

Jumping up                                    Digging

Aggression                                    Mouthing


Whatever the issues you are experiencing with your dog we are confident that we can help. The more challenging the problem the better!

A german shepherd dog showing aggression

Puppy Training

A puppy relaxing after some dog training

Getting the best start is critical for a puppy if it is to develop into a confident, happy and contented adult dog. We provide professionally socialised and trained young puppies for clients ensuring that they are getting a well balanced young dog that can go on to be a wonderful companion, working dog or both.


If you have a new puppy we can help you to teach it the basics such as recall, sit, stay, lead walking etc. whilst advising you on and effective program of socialisation, care.


The period between 8 weeks and 16 weeks of age is the most critical period of a dogs life and we cannot stress enough how important it is to socialise them and introduce them to new experiences during this period.


If you have a new puppy you wish to train, would like us to source you a temperament tested puppy appropriate to your needs or you would like to discuss one of the puppies we have for sale then please do not hesitate to contact us.